Affordable Residential Electrician in the Monterey Bay Area

electrical contractorAn electrician isn’t always one of the names on the emergency numbers paper held onto the refrigerator with a cute magnet. We aren’t necessarily a number you need on a regular basis, but when the lights go out for no reason – we’re often who you need. Today I’m going to talk about several other reasons you may need to have an electrician’s number nearby. You never know when one of these potentially dangerous issues may arise.

Reasons to Call a Residential Electrician in the Monterey Bay Area

Many homeowners go 10 years or more without ever needing to call an electrician. However, it is important that you understand how proper electrical maintenance can save a lot of trouble and repairs in the long run.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Sometimes things just break and there’s no reason or rhyme. When that happens with your electrical system, it can be caused by a number of issues. You should never try to troubleshoot electrical issues on your own, because electricity is very dangerous and causes very serious injuries when not treated with the proper respect.

Outlets and Switches

Electrical outlets and switches often burn out or a screw works its way loose. This creates a very dangerous situation for everyone in the home, because one single loose screw can create a spark that starts a house fire. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Homes are built with a certain number of lights and outlets. Their electrical panel is equipped to handle the household load. Home additions or the addition of a garage may require an electrical panel upgrade, or the installation of a secondary electrical panel. 

Interior and Exterior Lighting Installation

Proper lighting prevents injury both inside and outside the home. If your home has areas which are poorly lit and you would like to fix this issue, please call a certified electrician to perform the installation. 

Security Lighting

Security lighting is most often installed on the exterior of a home to illuminate the outside in the event of an intrusion. However some security systems may require additional lighting on the interior of the home as well. Call a residential electrician to discuss your security lighting options. 

Remodels and Rewires

Remodeling your home often requires some type of addition of electrical wiring or lighting. Fehn Electric is available to work with your general contractor to ensure that the electrical system in your home addition or remodeling project is top notch. 

New Circuits

Sometimes circuits just blow due to age, dust buildup, or overloading of the circuit itself. Replacement of a circuit should never be attempted as a DIY project. Electricity is a very dangerous thing, and must be dealt with by someone who is properly trained.

Residential Electrician in the Monterey Bay Area

I live and work in the Monterey Bay area, and enjoy meeting homeowners just like you. My goal is to do my best to meet the electrical needs of each homeowner with whom I work. I have several years of experience with residential electric systems, and am fully licensed and qualified to work on your residential electrical system.