Businesses Supporting Businesses in the Monterey Bay Area

Devon Fehn - Fehn Electric

Devon Fehn – Fehn Electric

The business contacts you make when you operate a locally owned business often become some of your closest business allies. Super-sized chain stores have driven most mom and pop style and locally owned businesses into the ground. The most recent economic downturn has seen a slight increase in the number of locally owned businesses. I hope this trend continues as more people find ways to be self-supporting while starting their own business.

Monterey Bay is full of this type of person it seems. A lot of my B2B work in the last few years has been new business owners or local business owners who are upgrading to a new location with a better view. This is a very exciting thing to see, especially when we all know that jobs and new business opportunities are exactly what the city (and the nation) needs. 

When you’re in the market to hire an electrician for your locally owned business, I hope you’ll look for someone local. Local businesses supporting other local businesses is what community is all about. We help each other out, and by word of mouth spread information about the experience we each had. Before you know it, we have real, profitable businesses simply because we wanted to shop local.

I could name several reasons to shop locally for an electrician, but the single most important is safety. You need to work with an electrician who can jump out of bed at 2am when the lights go out at your location and things need to be fixed now. That is not the time to call someone who has a team six hours away and can be there within two days. 

A local electrician can be at your location within hours, not days. You can’t afford for your business to be completely down and out for extended periods of time. The electrician who saved you money up front is costing you serious money and customers at this point.

A local B2B electrician knows your area and knows how to take care of electrical issues that affect your specific location. We can create specific lighting and affects that are sure to bring in customers. We know the way customers in the Monterey Bay area think, because we are customers in the Monterey Bay area.

If you’re a new business owner in Monterey Bay or the surrounding area, give me a call to discuss your electricity needs. I’ll do a thorough walkthrough with you to make sure that your building’s electrical equipment is up to code, that your parking lot has sufficient lighting, and that the interior lighting is safe before the first customer drives up.

A good electrician will take care of your basic electricity needs. A great local B2B electrician will make sure everything that could possibly affect your customers or your business is addressed. They will also be on call 24/7 in case anything happens with your electrical system. Call me at your next opportunity to discuss your electricity needs.