Is Improper Lighting Leaving Your Clients in the Dark?

Lighting may play a much bigger role in customer satisfaction than you realize. Consider, for example, that you own and operate a retail business that provides top of the line fashions for women. Is your dressing room well-lighted to flatter each individual woman who enters to try on a piece of clothing?

Poor lighting makes the skin look pale, hair look dull, and clothing to appear non-spectacular. Ordinary dressing room lighting is not going to sell as many clothes as lighting which is especially designed to suit the needs of your clientele. Let’s talk about some of the types of lighting I’m familiar with so you can choose the electrician you believe will serve your business needs best.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Both the exterior and interior of your business property must be well lit. Great lighting enhances the overall appeal of your property. We have a lot of older architecture here in the Monterey area mixed in with new construction. Your property is just another building in a sea of buildings without something to set it apart from neighboring buildings. Make your business really stand out in a crowd with unique lighting.

  • Showcase Products and Services
  • Properly Light Dressing Rooms for Optimal Client Viewing
  • Properly Light Mirrored Areas in which Customers View Clothing
  • Properly Light Parking Garages and Parking Lots for Customer and Employee Safety
  • Showcase Landscaping and Outdoor Attractions
  • Security Lighting to Protect Your Business and Property

My Most Common Type of Commercial Lighting Maintenance Client

Shopping centers, retail stores, office buildings, and grocery stores often have quite large parking lots which require ample lighting for customer safety. I have installed many lighting systems for local businesses such as these. I have also worked with a few cities and municipalities to ensure proper lighting; apartment complexes, warehouses, and parking garages are also high on the list of commercial properties I’ve managed over the years.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable electrician who is familiar with the Monterey area’s building and electrical codes, look no further. I am confident that I have the experience required to improve the lighting situation in your commercial property so you can improve sales, offer better protection for employees and clients, and build a reputation of high quality in Monterey.

Call or email me any time for a consultation. The initial consultation is completely free and free of obligation. I’ll discuss ideas with you, and maybe even give you some ideas to bounce around to give you the edge over other businesses in your immediate area.