Looking for a Great Business to Business Electrician in the Monterey Bay Area? Here’s Where to Start

electrical contractorI’m a California native living in the Monterey Bay area, so I’m going to be very straightforward with you in telling you where and how to find a great business to business (B2B) electrician in Monterey Bay, Salinas, and Sacramento area. Look local. Don’t trust some contracted company from the east coast just because they do 300 jobs a day and do it cheaper than a local electrician. Where will they be in six months when you need to have some more wiring done?

Support the local economy and it will support you. Make sense? Your business is local, you employ local people; make all of your business decisions local. Here are the steps to go through to find a B2B electrician in the Monterey Bay area.

Start by asking around. Ask other business owners who their electrician is, or if they’ve heard of a great electrician in your general area. Pay attention to local trucks and vans; they aren’t painted up as ads just to decorate the streets. Jot down some phone numbers, and make a few phone calls.

Don’t settle with the first B2B electrician you speak to. Make a list of at least five, so you can see at a glance what your options are. Again, ask locally, but this time ask about specific companies. Some have great reputations while others do not; that’s the business world.

Interview potential electricians and ask a lot of questions. Ask about response time, additional services, and most importantly, ask to see a business license, certifications, and references. Most electricians have a website, check them out there. Check their Yelp information, Google them and see if there are any negative reviews. Don’t take all negative reviews as a bad thing, though. Ask about negative reviews and give them a chance to redeem themselves. Sometimes people leave negative reviews as a way to hurt the company’s reputation; or competing companies try to shoot down the competition.

Use your brain and choose the one who gives you the best answers, and that you feel you can trust. You need to find the person who you feel offers a great turn-around-time, and the best response time. Many electricians will offer a four-hour response time unless it’s an emergency, then they’ll be there in an hour.

Build a relationship with your electrician, because we aren’t just available for emergencies. Put your chosen electrician on speed dial so you can have him come check things out when you have a plug not working properly, or a flickering light. Customers see faulty lights as a potential sign of low quality business, and they will move on elsewhere to shop.

Having a good relationship with your electrician is like having a good relationship with your web designer or your computer guy. It just makes good sense to have a trusting relationship with the people who help keep your business running seamlessly.