Is the Wiring Up to Code in Your Commercial Property?

The number of times I hear answers other than “yes” to that question may astound you. Some business owners assume their wiring is up to code when they purchase or rent a property, instead of requesting an inspection. Going into a lease or rental agreement before an inspection often leads to wasted time and money due to issues that must be repaired or righted before you can actually go into business.

As I discussed in a previous blog post, the Monterey Bay area consists of a gorgeous variety of old architecture and new. Unfortunately some of the older buildings are not up to code unless they’ve been rewired in the last decade. Here are some tips to know if your commercial property may have code violations.

  • Read and understand local building codes with information specific to your area.
  • Find out if appropriate changes have been documented.
  • Only make your own assessment if you are familiar with wiring codes.
  • Make sure the circuits in the electrical panel are labeled correctly.
  • Look for changes in wiring standards.
  • Look for the use of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).
  • Look for changes in site plan requirements.
  • Look for updates and improvements in energy efficiency.

If you are unsure, or unfamiliar with any of the above list items, call an experienced electrician. Don’t take your business, your entire livelihood into your own hands and put yourself as well as your customers at risk. Make an appointment with a certified electrician who has knowledge of your local area’s history and building codes.

Call me here at Fehn Electrical any time for a free, no-risk consultation. I’ve been in the Bay area for most of my adult life, and I know most of our commercial and residential architecture very well. I have experience wiring new homes and offices, and rewiring older buildings to catch them up to code.

I enjoy working with other business owners in the area, because together we make a difference in our local economy. We’re pushing to bring innovation, quality, and employment to our area. I’ve worked with many of the Bay area’s local business owners to make sure the electrical wiring is up to code in their commercial property, and that the lighting is properly maintained as well.

Commercial lighting is one of the most important parts of owning commercial property and running a successful business. If you’re unsure as to whether the wiring in your commercial property is up to code, or you’d like to discuss your options for lighting to create a safer or more profitable atmosphere, give me a call, let’s talk about changes that may need to be made to increase your bottom line.